Classes Offered

John and Melody bring a fresh view to firearms training that is rare in the industry. Many of their classes are offered “contextually”, tackling the needs and problems of defenders in the context of how conduct their lives.

Josh Hocieniec

CDR features well thought out curricula, focused on the specific contexts faced by the students’ real-world lives. This is not “tactical fantasy band camp” and features quality hands-on coaching. Highly recommend.

Tamara Keel

Citizens Defense Research takes every part of their name and mission seriously. Very few organizations present training that is the whole package of data driven, meticulously researched, engaging, and relevant to the specific context of their students. That’s what you get in Citizens Defense Research classes. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Bradford Chatterjee

Cancelation Policy

The only way we can know that a class is full is when the specified number of students have registered and paid their tuition fees. Once a class is full, we have to turn away others who would like to attend. If you cancel too close to class, or fail to show up for class, you keep someone else from attending and would cost us a student. Please be sure you can attend a class before signing up for it. We believe this policy is fair to you, to other students, and to us. In order to minimize this, we have strict policies on pre-payment and cancellation.

To secure a slot in a course full payment is required (unless otherwise specified). If a deposit is made, the balance will be due 30 days before the course starts. Cancellations by a student inside the thirty day window will be non-refundable but creditable to another Citizens Defense Research class anywhere the student wishes to train, within 18 months of the cancellation. Cancellations by students the week of the course will be non-refundable and will receive no credit. Cancellations by Citizens Defense Research will be fully refunded within 14 calendar days.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!