Contextual Cognition: Mental Agility, Preparation & Planning Skills


Chris Cypert

Chris Cypert

Lead Instructor

Class Description

Technical self-defense skills are important, but by themselves insufficient. Sound judgment, threat-recognition, poise, mental agility, rapid critical-thinking, and decisiveness are qualities that profoundly impact our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Contextual Cognition: Mental Agility, Preparation & Planning Skills is an 8 hour presentation and discussion examining the mental processes by which a self-defender can improve their chances of success in potentially or actually violent encounters. The goal is to provide students with cognitive tools that will help them to avoid, deter, recognize, and dominate potentially dangerous encounters by maximizing a strong “mental game.” Topics of discussion include self-awareness, effects of stress on decision-making, Boyd’s Patterns of Conflict and O.O.D.A principles, demystifying novel stimuli, Recognition-Primed Decision Making, risk assessment/management, contingency planning, visualization techniques, use of subterfuge and psychological disruption in conflict, and more.

Gear List

  • Note Taking Materials
  • Hydration/Snacks

Cancelation Policy

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